So what's a cinemagraph anyway?

Cinemagraphs are sometimes known as "living photos". You can see why, they are half static image, and half video. This art form has been around for years, and used to great effect by major marketing agencies and creatives around the world.

Modern video support

Full 4K, HFR (high-frame rate) and full codec support. Export as video or GIF with a variety of options to control quality and frame-rate.

Increase conversion and CTR

Cinemagraphs have a proven track record of better engaging your customers and improving conversion rate.

Cinemask Pro for Mac

Cinemask Pro offers the best solution for creating and editing cinemagraphs on Mac OS X. Our professional grade offering will have you creating amazing creations in no time at all!

Create dazzling marketing campaigns

Cinemagraphs are proven to boost marketing campaigns in a number of ways. We are naturally drawn to the art-form, spending more time engaging with your content and vastly improving the chance of customers clicking on your marketing material.

Read the case studies to see how cinemagraphs can increase conversion rates and improve CTR (click-through rates) on your next marketing campaign.

Cinemask for iOS

Cinemask for iOS is the perfect way to create cinemagraphs on the go. Record edit and export cinemagraphs from the palm of your hand.
A great companion to Cinemask Pro, allowing you to prototype your work quickly and easily before perfecting and taking care of the intricate detail.

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